Reiki in Tokyo @ Happy Life Creations
Happy Life Creations offers Reiki healing sessions and classes in Shibuya-ku, Toyko.(Ebisu/Daikanyama)
In the sessions, the practitioner takes a roll as a channel for the healing energy from the universe and passes it on to the client. The healing energy gives the client healthy body, mind and spirit. In the classes, you will learn about Reiki healing and actual techniques. We appreciate our taking part in your happy life through Reiki healing.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing the body, mind, and spirit. It was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. Reiki is practiced in more than 100 countries around the world and there are more than 5 million practitioners presently.
Reiki is a hands on healing. The practinioner takes a roll as a channel for healing energy from the universe and passes it on to the client through the hands. Hand healing is not only for intellectual or spiritual people, but it is the ability that every human beings originally have. After recieving a Reiki attunement anyone can become a healer.
In the Asian world, we believe that energy flows in our body, mind and spirit. When the energy doesn’t flow as it should, we loose our balance and would have problems with physical, mental, and spiritual functions. Flowing healing energy into you, Reiki helps you to get back harmony and well balance.
When our body, mind, and spirit are well balanced and harmonized, we feel healthy, happy, and peaceful. Good things startto happen to you and soon we realize our lives are getting better and better.
Helps to…
– reduce fatigue
– reduce stress
– relax
– prevent Imsomnia
– reduce pains and symptoms
– reduce pms and menopausal symptoms
– postpone aging process
– increase vitality and energy
– increase immune system
– improve Health
– acquire self-healing abilities
– gain self secureness
– gain self confidence
– clear emotions
– take you back to your original path
– give good intentions
– obtain spiritual growth
– have good relationship
– combine with bodyworks and/or other healings
– give healing to your loved pets
– give healing to your family and friends
※ Reiki is not related to any religions. Reiki is not guaranteed to cure, and is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Please do not stop taking medications by your own judgement.

Reiki Session
Happy Life Creations offers 60-minute sessions. Clients just need to relax and lie down on a bed. The practitioner recieves the healing energy from the universe and passes it on to the client. Come with comfortable clothes.
Note: each session is for one person only

Reiki Healing & Chakra Healing 60-minute Session
Counselling → 60-minutes Chakra Healing & Reiki Healing → Counselling
A total of 15-20 minute counceling allowed before and after the healing.
Fee : 8,000yen (Please pay in cash after the session)
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Reiki Classes
Happy Life Creations offers 4levels of Usui Reiki. In Reiki classes you will learn about Reiki , practice Reiki, and recieve Reiki attunements. A Reiki attunement tunes your energy to the Reiki energy, so that you can recieve and pass the Reiki energy. After taking the first Reiki class, you can start healing yourself, families and friends. Once you have recieve an attunement, your Reiki healing faculty never goes away.

Usui Reiki Level 1
In Reiki LevelⅠclass, you will learn Reiki history, Reiki concepts, Reiki hand positions and practice Reiki healing. You will also recieve 4 Reiki attunements. After you have recieve the first attunment you can give Reiki to yourself and others.
– 3-4hours
– 1-2people
– Attunements
– Original text
– Certification
– 44,000yen
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Usui Reiki Level 2
In Reiki LevelⅡclass, you will learn 3 symbols & mantra, affirmation, and remote Reiki healing. You will also recieve 3 Reiki attunements. After taking this class, your healing power becomes stronger and enables you to send healing energy to a remote person.
– 3-4hours
– 1-2people
– Attunements
– Original text
– Certification
– 44,000yen
Requirement: Reiki LevelⅠ
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Usui Reiki Level 3
In Reiki LevelⅢclass, you are given the master symbol and you will learn to work with the master symbol. You will also recieve 3 Reiki arrunements. after taking this class, you will connect strongly to your higher self.
– 3hours
– 1-2people
– Attunements
– Original text
– Certification
– 44,000yen
Requirement: Reiki LevelⅠ&Ⅱ. Practice Reiki healing more than 21days from Reiki LevelⅠ.
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Usui Reiki Teacher class
Reiki Teacher class is for people who like to become a Reiki teacher or give Reiki attunments to others. In this class, you will learn how to run classes and give attunements. You will need to pass the Teacher standard.
– 6-7hours
– 1-2people
– Learn Attunements
– Original text
– Certification
– 88,000yen
Requirement: Reiki LevelⅠ,Ⅱ&Ⅲ. Practice Reiki healing more than 6 months from Reiki LevelⅠ. Ask for more details.
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Salon Information
We are located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
【Open】 10:00~20:00 (Last healing appointment 19:00)
【Closing days】 Irregular
【Location】 4th FL, 3-6-7, Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
【Station】 Ebisu/Daikanyama

About Me / Sumie Ueki
I encountered Reiki healing when I had been sick for a while. I went through examinations in several hospitals, but doctors couldn’t find the cause. I realized I needed to get my healthy rhythm back and build self-healing ability. I looked for holistic treatment and found out Reiki healing. After the first Reiki class, I knew this could change my life. Then I learned Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.
Right after the first class, I started to give Reiki healing to myself, my family and my friends. After a little while, my health became much betther and I felt something had changed in my mind . Then, I realized I felt more happy and peaceful than before. by recieving Reiki healing, my sister’s life had also changed. Since she was very busy for her work, she was always tired and stressed out. but ever since she started recieving Reiki healing, her stress was reduced and her brain started working clearly. Now, she works less, but gets more result as before and she enjoys her life.
By knowing Reiki more and more, things I had been wondering since I was a teenager had became clear, like puzzle pieces becoming a big picture.
Why are we alive? What is happiness? Where do we come from and where do we go? …etc.
I believe everyone is born to be happy. Each of us try to be happy in our own way, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When we live with a healthy body, happy mind, peaceful spirit, and good things come to us. Reiki healing can help us clear our minds and make us go to the right way we are supposed to go to.
I hope everyone becomes happy through Reiki healing 🙂




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